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Corporate Work

I am a writer and communications consultant who has worked with a number of organizations on content, branding and positioning.

To say hi and to inquire about my services, contact me at

Freelance Writing (Various - National)

I write and interview executives, leaders and artists for a range of organizations and their publications. Clients have included Future of Good, Inuit Art Foundation, the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada, Colleges and Institutes Canada, Universities Canada, and the National Gallery of Canada.

My work has included developing and ghostwriting op-eds and blog posts, creating content in partnership with organizations in the social finance space, and writing compelling and energizing copy that spotlights the work and careers of leaders in their fields.

Decoda Literacy Solutions (Vancouver)

Decoda supports literacy programs, practitioners and a network of stakeholders across the province of BC.

I supported the team with a content audit and migration during a brand refresh, working alongside an agency specializing in graphic design and web development. I also handled the organization’s editorial planning and social media calendar.

Canadian Legal Information Institute (Montreal/National)
CanLII is a non-profit organization managed by the Federation of Law Societies of Canada whose mandate is to make Canadian law freely accessible on the internet.

I was the community manager for CanLII, keeping its social media accounts and blog humming with new announcements and updates on technical features improving searchability and citation.

MDR Strategy Group/The Registrar Magazine (Halifax/National)

I contributed to three issues of The Registrar magazine, a publication about consumer protection. I wrote news stories and a cover story on how the nursing regulator in Nova Scotia navigated the pandemic. I distilled complex policy issues into a digestible and compelling read for professionals in the regulatory and compliance sector.

Broadhorns Communications (Ottawa)

I supported with outreach and finalization of a report by the Federation of the Humanities and Social Sciences (FedCan) on the value of an education in the social sciences and humanities. This involved reaching out to researchers for quotes, cross-referencing sources for footnotes, and light copyediting.

Chanel Grenaway & Associates (Toronto)

I supported Chanel Grenaway, principal of a firm specializing in equity through a gender lens, with copyediting digital content in the form of blog posts aimed at marketing her services and expertise. I also provided feedback and coaching on elements of style from a writing perspective.

Synapcity (Ottawa)

I co-facilitated and developed learning outcomes for Civics Bootcamp, an adult program focused on providing engaged Ottawa citizens the tools to understand and participate in decision-making processes in the city. I am an alumna of the program and was recruited to lead the evening sessions with two other facilitators.
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